CISOs Cybersecurity Budget Recommended Spending For 2021. Part 1.

CISOs Cybersecurity Budget Recommended Spending For 2021. Part 1.

As someone saddled with the security of your organization’s information assets (customer data, intellectual properties amongst others), it’s expedient to strategically plan your cyber defense tools spending for the new year- 2021.

Aside the processes and people factors, getting the right mix of tools that deploy properly are required to get your organization off the media for the wrong reason- HACKED or BREACHED. Based on our cybersecurity framework (, we’ll be making some recommendations that might interest your organization.

1- O365 Security. Securing O365 is beyond the security offered for email alone. SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams are critical ecosystems of the O365 that should be secured. 

Depending on Microsoft’s EOP or ATP or even MTA based platforms such as Proofpoint, Mimecast, TrendMicro, etc is NO longer effective! API based O365 security platforms that offers comprehensive and cost-effective O365 security is highly recommended. Let’s chat if you’re interested in a demo of our proposed AI powered, API based O365 security platform.

2- DMARC Enforcement. If your DMARC enforcement is not in place, then you’re a candidate for the media (for the wrong reason)! Make it doubly harder for hackers to get at your users and customers by securing your ALL of your email domains. Our DMARC platform delivers frictionless enforcement for interested organizations. Let’s chat if interested in evaluating it.

3- External Attack Surface Management. Can you see your IT infrastructures from the OUTSIDE IN (the same way hackers see it)? Going beyond IP addresses and assets, do you know the path of least resistance opened to an attacker?

Do you know how easily discoverable your vulnerability Internet facing assets are? Do you have visibility into ALL of your Internet facing assets ( at your data center, 3rd party, etc). Our platform provides best in-class external attack visibility. Let’s chat if interested in evaluating it.

4- Active Directory Security and Credentials Hardening. The AD is the heartbeat of your IT infrastructures and leveraging auditing, reporting or analytics tools won’t provide that proactive, continuous and comprehensive real time security. A PAM solution as much as desired won’t also provide comprehensive security for your privilege accounts!

 There are privilege accounts NOT known to your team (Shadow or stealthy accounts which are gotten via delegation or some form of human error). PAM solutions won’t extend MFA to network or non-interactive logins nor extends to authentication protocols such as NTLM. 

Our platform helps to hard on-premises AD, SSOs such as Azure AD, ADFS, OKTA, PING, etc in a frictionless way, I.e no impact whatsoever on users and productivity. With our platform, we deal an insanely massive blow to malicious insiders hitherto using stolen credentials for fraud and other malicious activities.

Our solution help to prevent the spread of ransomware in REAL-TIME amongst other deliverables. Let’s chat if interested in a demo or an evaluation of the solution.

5- AI POWERED SIEM With Automated Response Capabilities. It’s time to consider an alternative to the RULE BASED SIEMs available today. You can’t possibly keep writing rules to defend against attackers leveraging sophisticated AI to attack your organization. 

Why sending humans to do machines job? Make it a batter to AI to AI and keep calm! AI powered SIEM consolidates SIEM, UEBA, THREAT INTELLIGENCE, SOAR, VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT, AI, ML and EDR into a platform that delivers comprehensive, continuous and cost-effective cyber defense for the hybrid IT infrastructures. Let’s chat if interested in seeing a demo or evaluating this solution.

6- Automated Penetration Testing Platform. Conducting penetration testing once or twice a year is now old fashioned and antiquated! What if you can perform pen testing every day of the year even without having ANY skills of pen test? Our offering is an AI powered autonomous and automated penetration platform that covers the entire IP space of the organization, including outside in. Let’s show you a demo of this platform if interested.

Watch out for part 2 of this article. Do well to visit for additional information on our services.