Cybersecurity Assets Discovery Assessment

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What’s on your network ?

Find out with our Cybersecurity Asset Discovery Assessment (CADA).

Visibility of all devices across an organization is fundamental to any security strategy.
Organizations must get an accurate inventory of all managed devices and address the
exponential growth of unmanaged devices in the workplace.
Without knowing what’s on your network, you don’t know your risk and can’t protect
your business. With our Cybersecurity Asset Discovery Assessment (CADA), we
start with automated discovery, giving you comprehensive visibility and high-fidelity
details of devices connected to your network.  Our dashboard provides a dynamic view
of what’s connected, what they’re doing, the risks they bring, and if there is potentially
malicious activity.
It’s easy to get started; it’s seamless, frictionless, and zero-touch. You’ll be up and
running in no time. You will begin to see the devices connected to your network with
granular details (I’ve attached some of the parameters you’ll see during the
assessment), including the potential risks they bring to your environment.
At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive a customized and comprehensive
Executive Report summarizing the findings; I’ve attached a sample report for your

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