Browser Security Platform

Monitoring and control of every web session

Key Capabilities

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Platform Solution

Prevent risk to your data, apps, and devices with access and activity policies

  • Enhance identity protection by using the browser extension as an additional authentication factor
  • Dynamically scan every web page to disclose malicious code, content and files. Monitor user activities to detect potential compromise or data loss
  • Create adaptive or rule-based policies that respond to detected risk with a wide range of protective actions, from restricting ֵactivities and web page behavior to full blocking

Reduce your browsers’ attack surface via a centralized management interface

  • Monitor and configure all your browsers from a single interface no matter their type, version or flavor
  • Govern your browser hygiene by controlling the installations of extensions by your users
  • Ensure consistent security posture and hygiene across all browsers within your environment by enforcing browser security updates and vulnerability patching

Gain visibility into your workforce’s web activity and SaaS usage

  • Discover all sanctioned and non-sanctioned SaaS applications your workforce uses and get an equal level of high-resolution visibility into their usage for the first time
  • Unveil any shadow identities and apps that were impossible to detect before
  • Produce both off-the-shelf and customized reports for various compliance and auditing needs

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