End to End Cybersecurity Services

At SMSAM SYSTEMS, we’re determined to continuously provide organizations with proven, practical, comprehensive, seamless, frictionless, and affordable cybersecurity value-added services that keep them away from the news for the wrong reason- data breaches!



In the final analysis, the right mix of security stacks is needed to frustrate, disrupt, isolate, distract, and ultimately slow down the adversaries (external and internal) from achieving their mission. Our solution is divided into NINE (9) categories, as listed below.

IoT Cybersecurity Solution Offering

Gather accurate, detailed and precise information, unmatched insights about all your network-connected devices.

Identity Threat Protection Offering

Secure your critical identity infrastructure from cyberattacks with the identity threat detection and response.

External Attack Surface Prevention Solution Offering

Gain complete visibility of internet exposures affecting your enterprise in real time before an attacker exploits them.

Network Security Protection Solution Offering

Establish a trusted asset inventory scaled across your network and endpoints down to their peripherals.

Application Security Protection Solution Offering

Get the visibility, monitoring and protection capabilities across your entire API portfolio and reduce associated risk.

Managed SOC Solution Offering

Real time advanced threat detection and auto-remediation with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Understand endpoint security posture, capture critical details for threat hunting and forensic investigations.

Operationalizing The Zero Trust Framework

Organizations can now continuously verify users and the devices they use and verify data and applications explicitly.

Cloud Security platform

Stop breaches with the world’s only unified agent and agentless approach to cloud security, from code to runtime.

Reduce Risks by taking the next step towards cybersecurity