Whether referred to as cybersecurity, IT security, information security or any other name, the need to defend networks and the data that resides on them is here to stay. The sophistication of adversaries, including nation states, and the constantly changing nature of the threat has created a race between threat actors and IT security functions. As at today, many organizations do not have an effective means of knowing their true cyber risk and which vulnerabilities have the highest negative business impact potential.

Current methods that organizations (and their CISOs) mainly use to verify that their systems and data are protected, are vulnerability scans and penetration tests. The results are used for risk assessment that has become an integral part of mandatory provisions in various regulations (e.g., PCI DISS, ISO 27001, GDPR and NYCRR).

So, vulnerability scans and penetration tests are useful for getting insight into the security posture of an organization at a specific moment. Although useful, they do not present the full picture; especially when it comes to more sophisticated, multi-vector attacks.

In the light of the above and coupled with the fact that smart and security focused organizations are required to have an agile security program that stop breaches, SMSAM SYSTEMS is pleased to announce the CONTINUOUS CYBERSECURITY VALIDATION AND ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (CCVAAP).

This program consists of 4 other sub programs which are geared towards avoiding false Of sense of security on the IT Infrastructures while answering the hitherto elusive question – HOW SAFE ARE WE RIGHT NOW?