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Practical Cybersecurity Offering

Discover how our cutting-edge software can transform your operations and help you achieve unparalleled success.

Excessive Network

Discover What Attackers Can Access in Your Network

Visualize excessive network access and help implement controls and protect you from unnecessary lateral movement.

Active Directory & Azure AD

Block access to your organization's network and resources

Monitor activities, track conversions, and optimize performance.

Cybersecurity Assets Discovery

Know what's on your network and protect your business

Asset discovery gives security teams visibility into the network and understanding how assets are interconnected.

Autonomous Penetratiton Testing

Improve Security, Prevent Ransomware, Ensure Compliance

Analyze sales data, optimize pricing strategies, and identify opportunities.


Cybersecurity that protects you so that you can focus on

your startup business

There is a need to implement practical, proven, proactive, comprehensive, continuous, cost-effective and largely automated cybersecurity solutions in other to avoid devastating, business ending cyber breaches.

Threat Intelligence Gateway

Enforce deploys and enforces data across your entire network and blocks all known bad threat from ever entering your network.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Thwart threats by leveraging cutting edge AI and advanced remediation actions, all in a simple to deploy unified architecture.

Network Detection and Response

Expose imminent threats to your critical assets and empowers your security team to respond efficiently and effectively.

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Global enterprises trusts SMSAM to protect what matters most across millions of their devices

Excellent service and throughly trained professionals. The team was very helpful for first timers like us.

Safaa Sampson Careers advisor

The experts easily identified the look and feel we wanted and guided us through the creation of content.

Frederic Hill Dental hygienist

I am pleased with the quality of work, service, support, and cooperation received. Excellent service.

Brendan Buck Park ranger

The responses were fast, and the guidance provided was top-notch. It made me feel like I was in good hands.

Stefan Ball Computer engineer

I'm thrilled with my experience! The team was incredibly professional and displayed impressive expertise.

Frances Barr Bus driver

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