Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

There is a need to implement practical, proven, proactive, comprehensive, continuous, cost-effective and largely automated cybersecurity solutions in other to avoid devastating, business ending cyber breaches.

Threat Intelligence Gateway

Enforce deploys and enforces data across your entire network and blocks all known bad threat from ever entering your network.

External Attack Surface Management

Gain complete visibility of internet exposures affecting your enterprise in real time before an attacker exploits them.

Cloud-Based Internet Isolation

Protect your most critical enterprise asset against zero-day exploits and other evasive malware

DMARC Enforcement

Prevent unauthorized use of your email domain to protect people from spam, fraud, and phishing.

Comprehensive O365 Security Platform

Protect enterprise email and collaboration from phising, malware and account takeover with Advanced AI.

Asset Visibility and Inventory Management (IoT)

Gather accurate, detailed and precise information, unmatched insights about all your network-connected devices.


Stop ransomware by restricting network acces to essential assets only - it's automated, agentless, and MFA-powered.

Comprehensive AD and Azure AD security

Secure your critical identity infrastructure from cyberattacks with the identity threat detection and response.

AI-Based SIEM Platform

Real time advanced threat detection and auto-remediation with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Physical Layer 1 Security Platform

Establish a trusted asset inventory scaled across your network and endpoints down to their peripherals.

Layer 2-Based Network Access Control Platform

Know and control your network. Automatically discovers devices, profiles them, and controls access to the network.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Thwart threats by leveraging cutting edge AI and advanced remediation actions, all in a simple to deploy unified architecture.

Network Detection and Response

Expose imminent threats to your critical assets and empowers your security team to respond efficiently and effectively.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing Platform

Reduce your security risk, Continuously find, fix, and verify your exploitable attack surface

AI-Based Vulnerability Assessment Platform

You can’t fix what you can’t find. Detect and Remediate Vulnerabilities Using AI-Generated Scripts

API Security

Get the visibility, monitoring and protection capabilities across your entire API portfolio and reduce associated risk.


Eliminate application security risks in real-time with security integrated seamlessly into your application development workflows.

Active Directory Forest Recovery Platform

Reduce time to recover AD after a cyberattack by up to 90%. Restore AD to any virtual or physical hardware.

Reduce Risks by taking the next step towards cybersecurity