External Attack Surface Prevention
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Minimize risk from externally exposed assets with adversary-driven insights.

Key Capabalities

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Complete visibility into critical asset exposures

  • Get an adversary’s view on your attack surface with a unified, automated map of exposed assets.
  • Maintain a real-time asset inventory with best in class data accuracy to dramatically reduce response time.
  • Discover and attribute assets owned by your enterprise to cut false positives and guide precise action.

Adversary intelligence led prioritization

  • Prioritize risks based on industry, attack history, geolocation, asset type, CVE score, and custom rules.
  • Reduce risk by continuously updating asset inventory with newly added and changed assets.
  • Streamline alerts with built-in integrations to push data into workflows and quickly resolve issues using Slack, ServiceNow, Jira, and others.

Remediate risks fast and effectively

  • Respond to vulnerabilities in real time with practical and guided remediation steps.
  • Track remediation progress by continuously monitoring assets to validate their posture and status.
  • Align security and IT teams to increase efficiency by automating issues allocation, data sharing, and exporting reports for analysis.

Close security gaps introduced by

  • Exposed sensitive services and S3 objects
  • RCE vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerable and outdated software 
  • Access control issues 
  • Cryptographic issues and configuration issues
  • Phishing risks
  • Potential DDoS 
  • Misconfigured servers/services 
  • CDN bypass

Securing an expanding attack surface is nearly impossible

Gain complete visibility of internet exposures affecting your enterprise, prioritize risk based on world-class adversary insights, business context, and get guided remediation steps for sustained protection

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