CISOs Cybersecurity Budget Recommended Spending For 2021. Part 2.

CISOs Cybersecurity Budget Recommended Spending For 2021. Part 2

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Part 2.

1- Cybersecurity Asset Management (NOT IT Asset Management or CMDB).
Cybersecurity asset management is NOT the same as IT Asset Management, see details here, 

Now, it’s time CISOs get an ACCURATE and CONTINUOUS inventory of their device counts and other IP enabled assets cross the hybrid IT infrastructures.
Your lack of an accurate asset inventory undermines your entire risk management program.  

Think that’s bombast?
➡️Fact: risk management only has three levers to pull: operational mitigation through security controls, transfer via insurance or acceptance.
➡️Fact: you don’t know how many devices are in your organization. without an acccuate device count, you don’t know if your operational risk mitigation controls such as endpoint security, patch management or similar are deployed where they should be.
➡️Fact: your cyber insurance policy has a “failure to follow” clause: if an expected security control is not in place, your claim can be denied.  If your operational mitigation controls are missing, your plans to transfer risk are in jeopardy.
That is why simple asset inventory undermines your entire risk architecture.  You are accepting more risk than you think. 

It’s been security control #1 for decades for a reason – it’s time we do it right.  Leveraging the Sevco’s Security which delivers Agentless, API only integration to all of your existing IT ans security tools, we help organizations address this foundational and fundamental challenge of DOING CYBERSECURITY RIGHTLY, your organization a comprehensive and continuous inventory of ALL IP enabled assets. If interested, reach out for a demo or an evaluation of this solution.

2- Autonomous Breach Protection Platform. This platform consolidates hitherto silo’d cybersecurity technologies into a natively integrated platform thereby saving both administrative and financial resources that would have hitherto been expanded to acquire different security technologies. The platform is offered as a SINGLE license offering consisting of NGAV/ EPP, EDR, NDR/NTA, SOAR (Automated response and investigation)and DECEPTION technologies. With an automated breach protection platform, you eliminate the need to separately procure and deploy NGAV (not just the traditional AV), EDR, NDR/NTA, DECEPTION and SOAR tools. As always, let’s show you a demo of the platform as your convenience.

3- Autonomous Vulnerability Remediation Platform. This platform consolidates continuous vulnerability assessment, prioritization, patching and zero patching capabilities- all offered as a single license solution. The platform also offers an all-in-one vulnerability assessment solution with the ability to analyze proprietary and niche applications for vulnerabilities without official CVEs.  It also protects your installed operating systems and third-party software from vulnerabilities. Let’s chat if interested in a demo or an evaluation of this platform.

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