Practical Solution To Preventing Credentials Attacks In Organizations.

Practical Solution To Preventing Credentials Attacks In Organizations.

If your organization is interested in securing its entire Active Directory credentials (not just privilege credentials), then read on. Note,

Attackers don’t have to “Hack In” they login.  80% of cyber-attacks do NOT involve CVE’s, rather attackers combine harvested enterprise credentials with misconfigurations and dangerous product defaults. Criminals (external and malicious insiders) are clearly in love with credentials, and why not since they make their jobs much easier

Credentials remain one of the most sought-after pieces of information for hackers and malicious insiders, and it’s still proving to be effective in their attack efforts. Compromised passwords have been attributed to data breaches for years. But it should serve as a warning because the trend has continued to stay stagnant.

 How network credentials are managed directly reflects overall security. Secure credential management should always be in place for its users, whether it’s internal employees (across the hybrid IT infrastructures) or third-party vendors that need access. 

Luckily, MFA control WHEN PROPERLY IMPLEMENTED has proved to be one of the most effective control at securing organizations credentials against theft and misuse by attackers and malicious insiders.

MFA’s Limitation.

1- MFA cannot be enforced on authentication protocols NTLM.

2- MFA controls cannot be enforced on NETWORK or NON-INTERACTIVE logins. See description of Windows logon types here, and

3- MFA controls cannot be extended to ALL resources such as all workstations, cloud workloads, LDAP based applications, all servers on the AD and administrative interfaces and  tools(PsExec, Remote PowerShell, etc)

Mitigating MFA’s Limitations Without ANY Form of Overhead.

In practical terms and without any form of overhead, the CrowdStrike Identity protection platform (formerly Preempt security) integrates with most MFA solutions to addressing ALL limitations as highlighted above. 

Here is a policy playbook as designed by SMSAM SYSTEMS, which contained NINE (9) dynamic policies in  the CrowdStrike identity protection module that secures organizations credentials ( AD credentials) against theft by external hackers, ransomware and malicious insiders.

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