PRACTICAL CYBERSECURITY In 2022: Staying Miles Ahead of Attackers By Practicing Proactive Cybersecurity Program.

PRACTICAL CYBERSECURITY In 2022: Staying Miles Ahead of Attackers By Practicing Proactive Cybersecurity Program.

Vulnerabilities , (including devastating ones) aren’t going away anytime soon, so organization’s ultimate win against the adversaries will be owning a  PROACTIVE cybersecurity program giving her an  upper hand- with Proofs!

Attackers targeting  organizations does NOT requires any compliance to security frameworks or standards in  achieving their objectives, so, while your organization fulfills her obligations to those security frameworks, you must also take responsibility by implementing PRACTICAL and PROACTIVE cybersecurity solutions.

As repeatedly stated by me , there isn’t much that can be done to tame the cyber monsters at gaining that initial foothold into your corporate networks. However, defenders can REDUCE their attack surfaces by disrupting and slowing down threat actors movement once they gained that foot in . Therefore, I’d like to recommend the TESTED and PROVEN security platforms below.

1– External Attack Surface Management. Having visibility into your organization’s external attack surface, I.e., see what an attacker sees per your Internet facing assets wherever they’re located (3rd party, your private cloud or public cloud infrastructures). Have visibility into path of least resistance and deal with it before the adversaries do. Details at 

2- Enforce DMARC to conformance. Make it extremely difficult for hackers to target your users with spoofing and impersonation attacks as you close out your domain names. Details at 

3- Deploy API based O365 security (NEVER MTA based). Frustrate the bad guys from getting access to the users’ mailboxes as against reactive based engagement (putting out fire that is already burning) once the malicious emails have already gotten to their respective mailboxes.  Do all the awareness training you can, humans will always be human! Hence, help the users by implementation the right technology platform that reduces your reliance on them for your organization’s security. Details at 

4- Cybersecurity Asset Management (This is NOT the same as IT Asset Management)– Helping organizations to practically deliver on the foundational and fundamental requirements for ALL cybersecurity frameworks (NIST, CIS, ISO, etc.), the proposed   solution deployed without deploying agents- connects to multiple security and IT tools such as EDR, AV, SCCM, On-Premises Active Directory, Azure AD, Intune, O365, Qualys, LAN Sweeper, NAC, SIEM, FirewallsManageEngine etc. Details at

5- Identity Protection Platform.  Over 80% of all devastating data breaches and insiders’ attacks are caused by Identity compromise, i.e., hackers getting their hands on compromised but valid credentials. Now, this solution help in disrupting, frustrating and ultimately slowing the attackers (external and internal) by automatically extending current MFA solutions to cover all entities which they would not have natively supported, i.e., all endpoints, servers, users accounts, service accounts, privileged accounts across on-premises (VPN & ATMs) and Azure AD infrastructures. 

Enforce MFA everywhere across your entire IT infrastructures (Cloud and On-premises). MFA should extend to both interactive and non-interactive logons (across all workstations, servers, applications, and services) effectively taming NTLM based vulnerabilities used by the bad guys for lateral movement and privileged escalation.

The platform also gives unrivalled, unmatched, and unequalled visibility into all domain-based activities. Find the attached document for deliverables that this solution has. 

6- Implement an Autonomous Breach Protection Platform.  This is a platform that delivers multiple solutions and technologies into a SINGLE natively integrated solution and licensed via a SINGLE agent (no add-ons). Autonomous breach protection platform saves you resources (procurement, implementation, and administration) that you would have so you would have expended into EPP/NGAV, NDR, UEBA, SOAR, DECEPTION, Automated Investigation and 24×7 MDR services.  Details at

7- Implement an AI BASED SIEM. As against traditional SIEM solutions that emphasizes on logs and logs, which isn’t bad but extremely inefficient against todays sophisticated adversaries. AI based SIEM platform ingest ALL network flows across all core edge devices such as Internet facing firewalls, DC firewalls, 3rd parties’ firewalls – thereby giving you unrivaled, unparalleled and unequalled visibility into North-South and East- West security events and logs across your hybrid IT infrastructures. AI based platform is NOT priced based on EPS or bandwidth consumed.

AI SIEM does not require rules to be written whatsoever. AI SIEM platform was designed with natively integrated capabilities from UEBA, NTA, NBAD, THREAT INTELLIGENCE, SOAR, AI and ML capabilities (all offered as a single entity). Details at 

8- Continuous Cyber Posture Validation (Autonomous Penetration Platform). Having pen test once or twice a year is another indication that your organization could end up in the news for the wrong reason – HACKED! Details at 

Attackers DO NOT hack once or twice a year, so why must you limit the validation of your cyber defense posture to once a year? Autonomous Penetration Testing platforms are available to give your team CONTINUOUS PENETRATION TESTING both external and internal ON- DEMAND.  

Some benefits of an autonomous penetration testing platform.

  1. Painless – No persistent agents. No provisioned credentials.
  1. Safe – You configure the scope and attack parameters.
  1. Continuous & Unlimited – Our SaaS solution is available 24×7. Don’t wait months between reports.
  1. Complete Attack Surface – Coverage for both internal and external attack vectors. From inside or out, we’ll find it. Whether you network is on-prem, in the cloud or hybrid, we’ve got you covered.
  1. Purple Team Approach – Let us be your purple team partner and help you establish a find-fix-verify loop to improve your security posture.

We’re available to present a detailed demonstration on any of the above solutions. For additional information visit