JUST IN: 2022 Cybersecurity Toolset For CIOs, CISOs, InfoSec & Risk Practionners.

JUST IN: 2022 Cybersecurity Toolset For CIOs, CISOs, InfoSec & Risk Practionners.

Security programs without the RIGHT MIX of security tools is the surest pathway to end up in the media for the wrong reason- HACKED!

Yeah, security tools can’t and won’t solve ALL the cyber related issues. However, the right mix of tools (seamless and frictionless to the users ) have the capacity to DISRUPT, DISTRACT, FRUSTRATE, ISOLATE and ultimately SLOW DOWN the adversaries (external or Internal).

With the above points made, I’ll like to recommend the consideration of the following security tools (without commercial inclinations for now).

Let’s discuss any of the items that catch your fancy.


2- API BASED OFFICE 365 security and NOT MTA based platform.

3- Cybersecurity Asset management and NOT IT Asset Management (ITAM) or CMDB.

4- Identity based segmentation (covering SSOs such as ADFS, Azure AD, OKTA, PING, etc) within the Zero Trust framework.

5- XDR platform for the Endpoint security.

6- Autonomous (NOT Automated) Cybersecurity posture Validation platform).

7- SIEM that consolidates hitherto disparate technologies including UEBA, SOAR, AI, ML, NTA/NDR, EDR, NBAD TI, etc.

8- External Attack Surface Management. Have visibility into the PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE (see what the attackers sees from the OUTSIDE).

9- Network Segmentation. Seamless without forklift upgrade of the infrastructures.

PS. SMSAM SYSTEMS LTD has designed a PRACTICAL and COMPREHENSIVE Cybersecurity framework that delivers PROVEN data protection for organisations (see the attached- Frame 1 (practical implementation of the framework) and Frame 2 (The actual framework with its architecture).

Get in touch if your organisation is interested.