Recommended Cybersecurity Solutions for 2022.

Recommended Cybersecurity Solutions for 2022.

Based on threat intelligence gathered from the cybersecurity community on the operations of threat actors (hackers) and malicious insiders, organizations should consider updating their cybersecurity program with the following cybersecurity toolsets.

1- Autonomous Penetration Testing. This is a solution that helps organizations to continuously validate their current cybersecurity posture, i.e., penetration testing. As opposed to the current once or twice a year manual pen test outsourced to external consultants, our proposed solution helps your organization to continuously ‘pen test’ its own IT infrastructure on demand and you do not require any form of specialized skillsets in ethical hacking to operate the solution. Deployed under 10mins.

2- AI Based SIEM. Reducing the number of alerts to be treated by your SOC analysts thereby freeing up resources. This platform comes natively integrated with UEBA, SOAR, NTA, NBAD and TI (hitherto purchased and deployed differently). Requiring no rules whatsoever, it automatically detect and remediate threats (across on-premises and cloud IT infrastructures) with in-built sophisticated and advanced AI/ML algorithms. Deployed under 2 hours.

3- API Based O365 Security Platform. With coverage across Email, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams, this is the ONLY platform that PREVENTS sophisticated phishing, malware, and other email-borne threats from ever reaching into your users’ mailboxes. Deployed under FIVE (5) minutes and with no MX record changes whatsoever. Deployed under 5mins.

4-Cybersecurity Asset Management (This is NOT the same as IT Asset Management)– Helping organizations to practically deliver on the foundational and fundamental requirements for ALL cybersecurity frameworks (NIST, CIS, ISO, etc.), the proposed   solution deployed without deploying agents- connects to multiple security and IT tools such as EDR, AV, SCCM, On-Premises Active Directory, Azure AD, Intune, O365, Qualys, LAN Sweeper, NAC, SIEM, Firewalls, ManageEngine etc. Thereafter you’re able to answer critical questions such as security coverage gaps, i.e.  how many endpoints on the AD are missing the endpoint security, vulnerability assessment, SCCM or Intune agents?

Accurate and real time inventory of IP enabled devices with applications installed, amongst others. The solution also gives a comprehensive and real-time inventory of all IP enabled devices across the hybrid IT infrastructures.  Deployed under 1 hour.

5- Autonomous Breach Protection- Consolidating different endpoint security solutions into a SINGLE natively integrated platform with automated response and investigation capabilities, this solution combines EDR, NGAV, NDR, SOAR, TI and 24x7x365 MDR service into a SINGLE platform and offered close to the price of an EDR solution! Deployed under 3 hours

6-Identity Protection Platform. Over 80% of all devastating data breaches and insiders’ attacks are caused by Identity compromise, i.e., hackers getting their hands on compromised but valid credentials. Now, this solution help in disrupting, frustrating and ultimately slowing the attackers (external and internal) by automatically extending current MFA solutions to cover all entities which they would not have natively supported, i.e., all endpoints, servers, users accounts, service accounts, privileged accounts across on-premises (VPN & ATMs) and Azure AD infrastructures.

The platform also gives unrivaled, unmatched, and unequalled visibility into all domain-based activities. Find the attached here a document ( )for deliverables that this solution has. Deployed under 1 hour.

Do let me know If you require further clarification on any of the above recommended solutions. Proof of Value (PoV) evaluation is available for any of the recommended solutions above. No Commitment. No Obligation. For additional value add cybersecurity resources, visit

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