Comprehensive Office 365 Security

The attached imaged contained a summary of how we secure organization’s cloud email infrastructures (Office 365 and G-Suite). For review from REAL USERS, see this,

Why Avanan Platform for Office 365 and G-Suite Platforms?

What makes Avanan unique is the fact that we built an architecture designed for cloud email, vs. retrofitting yesterday’s email gateways to work for the cloud. Rather than being MX based where we sit in front of the cloud, we are API based and deployed WITHIN the cloud. This approach gives us a few key advantages:

1-It takes 5 minutes to set this up
2-Being deployed WITHIN makes us a layer that allows us to focus our AI on the attacks that Microsoft misses. Not the easy ones they already detect. This makes us better at detecting the more advanced and targeted threats .
3-The API foundation we were built on gives us a lot more capabilities. More things we can do to help secure the entire suite and reduce time spent managing the threat

Additional info on why you need Avanan as against MTA based solutions, see

Finally, contact us at [email protected] if you’ll like to see a demo or set up an evaluation of the Avanan platform.