PRACTICAL CYBERSECURITY: Radical Cyber Defense For The Internal Corporate Network.

If you require a seamless, frictionless, proactive, practical, comprehensive, continuous, effective and affordable cyber defense of your internal corporate networks from devastating data breaches, then read on.

Attackers targets 4 layers of the internal networks to cause real pain, i.e. files, users, endpoints and network.

1- Files.  These are executables (.exe, .dll, etc) used by threat actors to introduce risks into the internal network.
2- Users. Threat actors steals users’ credentials in other to ‘blend in’, move laterally and escalate privileges across the internal network.
3- Endpoints. The ultimate target of attackers as that’s the component of the internal network that keep the data to be stolen or ransomwared.
4- Network. The exit point for stolen data, i.e. point of exfiltration.

To secure these 4 layers of the internal network as described above, organizations would have to deploy and manage multiple security solutions such as ;

  • Files-(AV, NGAV, EPP).
  • Users-(UEBA, Deception ).
  • Endpoints- (EDR, Deception, Vulnerability Assessment ).
  • Network- ( NTA/NDR, Threat Intelligence). 


1- Disparate Point Products. Each product covers a mere subset of threats without communicating with its peers.

2- Hard Deployment. 40% average security products implementation rate.

3-Manual Integration. Forming a holistic threat visibility requires significant skill and time resources.

Partial Threat Coverage. Critical attack vectors are left unattended.

Recommended Solution.

Cynet XDR provides a SINGLE, UNIFIED (NOT add-on modules) platform to prevent, detect, investigate and remediate the broad range of attack vectors. Visibility across endpoint, network and user activities, plus the power of deception provides the broadest and deepest protection against all threats

The attached banner contained the natively integrated capabilities of Cynet360 XDR all offered as a SINGLE solution including the MDR service at NO cost.

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