PRACTICAL CYBERSECURITY: Extending MFA Controls to Legacy Applications, Legacy Network Resources & Administrative Tools!

Legacy apps, legacy network resources, legacy authentication protocols, administrative tools, are part of the network and enterprise operations. For example, Mainframe, HR Systems, Powershell, PSexecare too often excluded from Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) architecture which makes them the weakest link.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) use has exploded in use for work from home employees, and DevOps requires RPCs from VMs and cloud instances in multiple locations.

In other cases, security teams create an inconsistent user experience, or when possible (e.g. PSexec), prohibit tools from being used, which reduces staff productivity. Adaptive or conditional access tools can extend step-up authentication via MFA or SSO to legacy systems, offering a frictionless Zero Trust experience that doesn’t get in the way of daily activity while still monitoring what goes on.

Recommended Solution.

The CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust seamlessly integrate with some MFA providers (see the attached image) to achieve frictionless experience to legacy apps, all workstations, servers and all authentication protocols (NTLM, KERBEROS AND LDAP). Contact us if you’d like to evaluate the solution.