PRACTICAL CYBERSECURITY: CISO’s Must Have Cybersecurity Tools- Part 1.

External Attack Surface Management Platform.

Attack surface management (ASM) is the process of continuously discovering, classifying and assessing the security of all your attacker-exposed IT assets, known and unknown, wherever they are: on-premises, in the cloud, in third-party or partner environments, or in the networks of your subsidiaries.

As things are today, very few organizations of any size know their attack surface. Said another way, organizations have limited visibility of their Internet-connected assets, what they do, what they’re running, who is responsible for them, what they’re worth, etc. THIS is a big reason why breaches happen. Lack of infrastructure knowledge negatively impacts the deployment effectiveness of most every category of InfoSec. Vuln Management, DFIR, WAF, Managed | Pro Services, Bug Bounty, Compliance, Pen-Testing, EDR, cyber-insurance, etc. 

Think about it. How does one do effective Vuln Management, or anything in security, when the attack surface is unknown or incomplete? <Insert you can only secure what you know you own>. The more knowledge of the attack surface, the more coverage, the more security. Simple. This is exactly why you see vendors in each InfoSec category offering some amount ASM to help customers deploy. What you DON’T see is any doing ASM well. This is because ASM is technologically hard to do, very hard. Hence the current state of affairs.

Recommended Solution.
The CyCognito platform is an External Attack Surface Management Solution that delivers attack surface protection by combining the market’s most advanced ASM capabilities with automated multi-factor testing, to discover the paths of least resistance that attackers are most likely to use to compromise organizations.

How Cyconito Works,  

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