Wednesday, November 3rd at 2:00 PM GMT+1

Join Sunday McDickson Samuel, CEO SMSAM Systems, as he share insights on


Identity-based attacks that utilize compromised but valid credentials to access targeted resources are gaining momentum as the #1 cause of data breaches across both on-prem and cloud resources. MFA is the ultimate, practical, and proven solution to block such attacks.

However, all current MFA solutions have an inherent fundamental flaw that make it possibly for attackers to bypass with insane ease! At this webinar, you’ll learn the following.

  1. The limitation of ALL MFA solutions.
  2. How to extend your current MFA solution across on-premises and cloud infrastructures resources (all workstations, all servers, all LDAP based applications, all authentication protocols (NTLM, Kerberos & LDAP), administrative interfaces (PsExec, PowerShell and others used in non-interactive logins) without making any changes whatsoever.
  3. How to stop in real-time ransomware propagation, lateral movement, and privileged escalation across your on-premises and cloud infrastructures- no log, no agents, no rules!

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