Wednesday, November 17th at 2:00 PM GMT+1

Join Sunday McDickson Samuel, CEO SMSAM Systems, as he share insights

Cybersecurity Asset Management Done Right!

Cybersecurity Asset Management is NOT the same thing as IT Asset Management or CMDB


In Under 40-minutes, you’ll  learn practical solution to the following pains as it relates to Asset Inventory for Cybersecurity..

  1. Unify Asset Inventory Reports: Siloed systems: Agent-based tools are only aware of where they are installed. Network tools only see what’s connected. How do you get a single comprehensive view of all your assets across on-premises and cloud ?
  2. Identify Endpoint Security Gaps: You’ve invested in a great endpoint security solution. But do you have confidence those controls extend to every device across your environment?
  3. Verify Patch Management Coverage: You’re doing a great job pushing patches quickly and consistently. But how do you patch a system you don’t know about?
  4. Publish Clean Inventory to Your CMDB: You can’t trust your CMDB because it is populated by siloed discovery tools without verification or correlation. Intended to be the hub of IT asset operations, how can you achieve good results with bad data?
  5. Support Your IR Investigations: You’re taking periodic inventory snapshots which don’t suffice during your IR investigations. Who had what IP address at what time?

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