Data Discovery, Security & Management

Complete Data Discovery, Security & Management.

DataSense, from Cognigo, is the complete tool for autonomously and intelligently uncovering the otherwise undiscovered. It helps to enforce GDPR and security policies, identifies potential insider threats, alerts you to vulnerabilities, and manages and reclassifies your data – no matter where it resides.

Minimise Your Risk in Minutes.

You can’t protect data effectively if you don’t know where it exists.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), our human-free platform scans every corner of your organisation’s data to find the unfindable. Based on Elasticsearch its control engine results in much faster, more accurate and scalable data security than competitor products. DataSense, using machine learning, rapidly classifies data, enforces data policies, ensures compliance and mitigates data risk in real-time.

DataSense is the only solution that provides data-agnostic supervised categorisation, data clustering, structured and unstructured data fusion, AI-driven PII recognition, a searchable index and an actionable policy centre. What’s more, we price by user, not by the amount of data being scanned, so your costs remain predictable, even as your data repositories grow exponentially.

How Does It Work?

1. Identify

DataSense remotely scans your data, with all common protocols supported. Next, its AI engine and algorithms recognise and categorise structured and unstructured data across databases, cloud service and file repositories.

2. Ask

It creates a powerful, centralised index. By using the applications native “Google-like” search engine, DataSense provides instant answers to common and critical data security and business-related questions. It automatically discovers violations of data, potential breaches or malicious activity, and compliance issues, all within a single view.

No more time wasted seeking answers from multiple people, across multiple locations and departments.

3. Orchestrate

The applications innovative policy manager helps to instantly identify potential security and compliance risks and then automates actions such as alerts, file tagging or automatic encryption. It assists with this by integrating with your organisations SIEM, DLP, IRM, RMS systems and more, which in turn enhances the capabilities of existing infrastructure.

Intelligent. Agentless. Thorough.

What Does It Do?

Data Monitoring

End-points, file repositories, databases and your cloud services and constantly monitored for data at risk.


Advanced, comprehensive algorithms extract content-aware insights and intelligently categorise data.


The “Google-like” search engine provides content-aware information and a real-time risk overview.


As soon as any compliance or security violations are spotted instant alerts help mitigate any risk. Automatically reclassify document protection when integrated with Microsoft AIP.

Data Silos and Integrations


The most common file formats are supported (MS Office and PDF etc.), including scanned documents and CAD documents.


All common relational DBs are supported (MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL etc.) Support for NoSQL, such as Hadoop and MongoDB, is arriving shortly.

Cloud Services

AWS-S3, Office 365, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint and more, are just some of the common cloud services supported.

Third Party Integrations

We integrate with many SIEM, DLP, classification tools like Microsoft AIP, Boldon James and more. This allows for automatic classification and enforcement, improving existing data protection tools and policies.

Uncertainty, Eliminated.

By using the cognitive computing power of DataSense, from Cognigo, organisations across government, finance, legal, manufacturing sectors and more have reduced the total cost of ownership of data management and security. No matter where data resides, DataSense provides a single source of truth, which is vital for resilience – before, during or after an incident.