Cyber Threat Intelligence



Insights Security is an intelligence driven security provider offering a cloud service which delivers rapid, accurate cyberthreat intelligence and threat remediation in real time.



The Intsights Dashboard – your window to the Deep & Dark Web


Insights automatically detects cyberthreats against your organistation in the open, deep and dark web, aggregating unique cyber intelligence from a range of sources.


Insights analyses, categorises and prioritises cyberthreats in real time using proprietary data mining algorithms and unique machine learning capabilities.


Insights remediates cyberthreats by translating the cyber intelligence into security, enabling immediate one-click remediation of the threat at source.


Actionable Intelligence

Smart hackers plan their offensives before attacking a network perimeter. They scout targets and collaborate with like-minded individuals, seeking tools and information that can help them achieve their goals. For experienced cyber intelligence operatives, these are clear signals of an impending attack. Intsights detects and automatically aggregates valuable hacker reconnaissance and post-attack and unique intelligence information from a range of open and hidden sources. These include Darknets, hidden online forums, the deep and dark web, black markets, IRC channels, pastebin sites, app stores and social media.

Demotivate Hackers that threaten your organisation

By uncovering and deflecting surveillance attempts and attack planning early in the cyber attack chain, Intsights weakens hacker arsenals and dampens hacker motivation. This effectively discourages hackers to continue with their planned attacks.
By filtering and prioritising attacks and providing specific recommendations, per alert, Intsights empowers customers to remediate attacks with a single click, or alternatively designate them to other team members. This enables SOC teams to spend their time on threat investigations, rather than threat searches.

Cyber Threat Analysis

Unlike traditional solutions based on manual intelligence gathering and analyst interpretation, Intsights provides real-time cyberthreat detection through fully automated scanning. This is achieved using proprietary, patent-pending data mining algorithms to analyse, categorise and prioritise data, and leveraging of unique machine-learning capabilities which focus intelligence on what is important to customers. The intelligence is translated in real time into clear, actionable security alerts on a range of cyberthreats, such as data leakages, targeted attacks, phishing sites and fake mobile apps.

Intsights delivers Cyberthreat Remediation at the click of a button

Alerts are displayed on the intuitive dashboard of our comprehensive event management platform. This enables easy incident analysis and ensures that SOC teams know what to do first. By interpreting the threats and providing the tools to avert harmful attacks, Intsights empowers SOCs with proactive defence. The Intsights dashboard, which can be customised for your organisation, includes recommended actions and remediation tools for each detected cyberthreat. With one click remediation, your team is in control and able to remove threats.



Load your information

Information on your IT Assets is loaded into the Intsights system, which then scans the clean deep and dark web constantly for references to those assets – e.g. Deep & Dark web market places where your information or IT Assets may be for sale, fake email domains,  fake social media pages etc.

Get Alerts

You receive an alert on your Intsights Dashboard (accessed via a browser)

Eliminate the threat

You can then choose to click on “Remediate” and the Intsights team will take down the fake domain, remove the asset from the dark web market place, remove the fake social media page etc.