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SMSAM’S Identity Protection Services (SIPS)

EXCLUSIVE: Introducing SMSAM’S Identity Protection Services (SIPS). Gain deeper visibility to protect against identity-based attacks.THE MISUSE OF VALID CREDENTIALS IS TODAY’S BIGGEST CYBER THREAT.Identity-based attacks are the No. 1 cybersecurity threat facing organizations of all sizes today. Over 80% of cyber incidents involve the misuse of valid credentials to gain access to an organization’s network.Once initial access is gained, threat actors escalate their privileges and begin laterally moving across your systems looking to exfiltrate your data and detonate a major cyberattack.IMPLEMENT A ZERO TRUST APPROACH TO IDENTITY PROTECTION.Information security leaders need visibility into the risks associated with their user passwords and permissions and their Active Directory configuration so they can reduce their organizational attack surface, detect suspicious lateral movements and prevent unauthorized access to their systems.SMSAM Identity Protection Services (SIPS) deploys the CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection (IDP) modules to ensure real-time prevention of identity-based attacks even if adversaries manage to bypass endpoint security and are using valid, stolen credentials.KEY BENEFITS OF SIPS.*Reduce Attack Surface: Harden your Microsoft Active Directory configuration to reduce your attack surface.*Stop Lateral Movement in Real-time : Identify and prevent unauthorized users from accessing and moving laterally across your systems.*Extend MFA to Legacy Systems: Extend multifactor authentication to legacy protocols (e.g., NTLM) that are most prone to identity- based attacks 


1- IDENTITY PROTECTION ONBOARDING*Deploys and operationalizes the CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection solutions: Falcon Identity Threat Detection and Falcon Zero Trust.*Integrates the Falcon Identity Protection platform with on-premises and cloud- based identity and access management solutions.*Gives guidance and recommendations on effective implementation and configuration of multi-factor authentication across your environment.*Implements conditional access policies.

2- IDENTITY SECURITY ASSESSMENT*Conducts an in-depth assessment of your endpoints, identities and Active Directory environment highlighting major risks and issues.*Provides guidance on identity and Active Directory hygiene best practices and policies.*Highlights areas of major risk including privileged accounts, compromised passwords, password aging and stale or inactive accounts.*Proactively identifies misconfigurations known to be exploited by knowledgeable threat actors.

NOTE: Attached banner contains sample seamless and frictionless policies to help protect organization’s identity stores , i.e On-Premises AD, SSOs such as Azure AD, ADFS, Okta, PingFederate.It takes less than ONE HOUR to get started with SIPS!



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