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Sepio’s Asset Risk Management (ARM) platform is a SaaS or on-premise solution that provides a new dimension of complete asset visibility. With its field-proven, trafficless solution, Sepio is infinitely scalable to protect the entire asset infrastructure as fast and often as anyone, anywhere connects any assets to the company’s decentralized, uncontrolled ecosystem.

Leveraging physical layer data

Sepio’s patented technology reveals the true source of asset risk by harnessing properties at the physical layer. Uncovering all known and shadow assets, Sepio generates an objective DNA profile for each device, regardless of its functionality and operability.

The platform’s unique ARM approach is untainted by misleading profile perceptions and behavioral assumptions that can deceive even the most robust cyber tools and result in erroneous risk management practices. With Sepio, your enterprise benefits from a centralized, holistic and reliable source of truth.

Actionable Visibility

Sepio unleashes the power of the entire asset security ecosystem with agnostic, actionable visibility that is critical to asset risk management.

By generating an Asset Risk Factor (ARF) score for every asset and alerting on risks, Sepio helps expedite time to resolution, identify regulation gaps and prevent crises – all in a single product.

Threat Intelligence

Augmented by OSINT data sources and internal cyber research our powerful platform provides up-to-date threat intelligence on known-to-be-vulnerable assets, optimizing enterprise’s IT efficiency – by prioritizing those assets that affect business continuity.

Our Asset Risk Management Platform Provides Security and Efficiency

Complete Visibility of Assets
Complete visibility to all of your assets – whether connected as a peripheral or a network element.

Uncontrolled Asset Mitigation
Mitigate risks from uncontrolled or spoofing assets.

Low Cost of Ownership
Easy to operate, requiring low maintenance and minimal human intervention.

Asset Policy Enforcement
Enforce specific asset usage – creating granular access control based on regulatory compliance, roles or asset characteristics.

Actionable Measures
No complicated rules or post-processing required. Required measures are clearly delivered to the user.

Native 3rd Party Integrations
Out-of-the-box integration with leading cybersecurity products.

Turn Vision into Value with Asset Risk Management

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