Remote Browser Isolation

Invincible against threats. Invisible to users.

Our one-of-a-kind isolation-powered pathway shields workers from malicious content without sacrificing browsing performance.

All of the Internet. None of the panic.

Delivers only safe content to endpoints.

Our isolation-powered, Zero Trust solution routes all online activity through a remote cloud-based browser and treats all content as malicious.


Highly scalable, enabling work from anywhere.

Elastic scaling supports any number of workers and shifting traffic volumes for remote web browsing, Saas-based applications, online documents, or business tools.


Visibility and granular control, without slowing users down.

Policies can be made by user, group, file type, or website category to determine when content is blocked, read-only, or safe as original content.

Meet the platform that makes malware a memory.

Elastic Isolation Core

Don’t chase after threats via detect and response. Isolation is the power behind our platform, neutralizing malware before it gets in. Every time.


Elastic Edge

Avoid degraded user experiences. Our platform is built to deliver unlimited scalability, session continuity, and 99.9995% availability. On any cloud.


Remote Browser Isolation

We fully enable the way people work by giving administrators the ability to set acceptable use policies to block malicious activity—including compromised websites, cybersquatting, file uploads and downloads, social posting, and other unknown threats.

How remote browser isolation helps online work work better.

Explore the key ingredients behind the remote browsing technology that’s purpose built to protect productivity.

Web & document isolation.

All web content and documents, across a broad browser ecosystem, are safely and accurately rendered in the cloud, away from your endpoints. Admins get all the granular controls and policies they need, while minimizing power draw and keeping the user experience intact.

Secure Web Gateway.

Our one-of-a-kind Secure Web Gateway brings all the SWG capabilities your business needs into a single interface—with integrations that make adoption easy, including third-party antivirus, sandboxing, CDR, SSO, IAM, DLP, and CASB solutions.

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