Cybersecurity Assets Assessment – CAA

Every organization irrespective of its sizes should be able to answer the following essential questions about ALL assets with an IP address on their IT infrastructures either on-premise or in the Cloud.


Is the asset “known” and managed?
Where is it?
What is it?
Is the core software up to date?
What additional software is installed?
Does it adhere to my security policy?


Most security teams purchase a multitude of security and management tools to protect assets like laptops, desktops, servers, VMs, mobile devices. Cloud instances, and IoT devices. Despite purchasing and deploying multiple agents, organizations often struggle to answer questions like:


  1. Which assets are missing the relevant EPP/EDR agent defined by my security policy?
  2. Which assets have the right agent installed, but have disabled its functionality?
  3. Which assets have an old version of the right agent installed?


Each of these questions speak to the notion of agent health and cyber hygiene: understanding which assets are missing the proper security tool coverage and which are missing the tools’ functionality. Our CAA service provides automated, continuous, real-time, comprehensive and credible answers to all of the above questions and many more.

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