Compromise Assessment Service

It takes organizations an average of 150 days to identify a data breach. Understanding when you are breached and resolving it should be the top priority. Cyber criminals are well-versed in how anti-virus, legacy EDR and firewalls operate, and design their attacks to evade detection. You need to be confident that your systems are free from compromise, to ensure the security of your operations, finances and reputation.

Organizations recognize the need for vulnerability assessments, i.e. Identifying and removing potential weak points are critical steps in the fight against malicious actors. But what if your digital environment is compromised? What if attackers have already breached corporate defenses?


Our CAS service powered by Cynet360 with its fast and seamless deployment conduct automated threat discovery and perform remediation actions promptly. Capabilities include:

Full Environmental Visibility – Gain instant visibility into any host, file, process, logs, network traffic or user activities. Acquire verdict, attack scope, and all indicators immediately. Use the solution’s central management to distribute other open source IR tools across the environment.

Precise Threat Knowledge – Get accurate, real-time threat knowledge auto-generated by the Cynet 360 correlation engine. Conduct deep-dive investigations and leverage granular forensic tools to conduct end-to-end investigations. Proactively hunt for threats using known and local IOCs.

Complete Remediation Actions – Isolate infected hosts, disable compromised user accounts, remove malicious files and block risky network connections. Craft custom remediation policies for automated threat blocking and removal.