Automated Penetration Testing As a Service

Autonomous Pentesting-as-a-Service APTaaS™

NodeZero™ – our autonomous penetration testing solution – enables organizations to continuously assess the
security posture of their enterprise, including external, identity, on-prem, IoT, and cloud attack surfaces.


NodeZero is an unauthenticated, run-once container you deploy yourself. No persistent agents. No provisioned credentials. Up and running in minutes. Results within hours. With NodeZero, you own your pen test from start to finish.


You configure the scope and attack parameters. NodeZero conducts benign exploitation, gathers proof, and delivers a complete report, so you can focus on real risk and maximize your remediation efforts.


Catch up. Keep up. Stay ahead. Run NodeZero continuously and evaluate your security posture over time. Proactively identify and remediate attack vectors as they appear.

Why NodeZero?

Like APTs, ransomware, and other threat actors, NodeZero discovers and fingerprints your internal and external
attack surface, identifying the ways exploitable vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, harvested credentials, and
dangerous product defaults can be chained together to facilitate a compromise.

  1. Fix What Matters
    NodeZero gathers proof of exploit to reduce false positives and illustrate the chain of hosts, vulnerabilities, and credentials it leveraged during the attack. Spend your limited resources fixing what truly matters.
  2. Evaluate Defensive Controls
    Use NodeZero to stress your security controls and audit your MSSP. Optimize your spend on tools and services that improve your security posture.
  3. Maximize Your Security Team
    If you have a small (or non-existent) in-house security team, then you need help. NodeZero is your cost-effective purple team partner.
  4. IT Moves Faster Than Security
    Business is moving fast. Your attack surface is constantly evolving. New assets are spinning up and down regularly across multiple environments (dev/staging/prod). Pentesting once a year doesn’t keep up with the changes. Run NodeZero continuously to identify exposures as they appear.
  5. Remote Work Introduces New Risks
    As the world shifts to remote work, security teams must adapt to new risks. Use NodeZero to assess your remote-working environment (VPN, external tools, Wifi access, etc.) from the perspective of a compromised remote employee or a black box attacker.
  6. Mergers & Acquisitions
    M&A expands your attack surface dramatically. NodeZero is built for speed and scale, to cover your entire enterprise. Run NodeZero to quickly assess new environments for weaknesses.


Attack Surface

Coverage for both internal and external attack vectors. From inside or out, we’ll find it.

Hybrid Cloud

Is your network on-prem? In the cloud? Hybrid? We’ve got you covered.

Continuous and Unlimited

Don’t wait months between reports. Our SaaS solution, NodeZero, is available 24×7 with 1-click use and 1-click reporting.

Purple Team Approach

Let us be your purple team partner. Use NodeZero to establish a find-fix-verify loop to improve your security posture.



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