Next Gen AI SOC

Artificial Intelligence + Automated Threat Elimination

Security Information and event management, or SIEM for short, has grown well beyond the collection and retention of log data – so what is it exactly? SIEM tools combine:

  • Security Event Management (SEM), which analyzes log and event data in real time to provide threat monitoring, event correlation and incident response and
  • Security Information Management (SIM) which collects, analyzes and reports on log data. SIEM provides security professionals the power to effectively track and record the activities of an IT environment.

Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM, is a proactive layer in the security stack. It’s purpose is to actively monitor and alert upon anomalistic behavior, being malicious or otherwise ungoverned network activity. In our industry, SIEM technology is recognized as producing the “SOC” (security operation center) function.

Traditional SIEM tools play an important role in analyzing painfully large amounts of data logs and analyzing them into manageable events. Though SIEM technology has proven highly valuable in the security stack, it requires substantial management and oversight by highly trained engineering staff. Even without factoring in the cost of management, SIEM solutions have traditionally been too costly for most SMB clients.

Solutions Granted, Inc. offers aiSIEM/SOC which pairs Artificial Intelligence with Automated Threat Elimination in a powerful SIEM, powered by Seceon. As a Managed Service Offering, our team offers the support to effectively streamline your expectations with the first-to-market SIEM driven by artificial intelligence – in an affordable monthly OPEX model.

Seceon, goes beyond traditional SIEM:

  • Using log data to analyze the correlation of events within the data and apply rules to enhance an organization’s security posture.
  • Injecting machine learning to take advantage of contemporary big data frameworks and enable aiSIEM/SOC to adapt to any environment dynamically from within its own data AI then has the power to bolster cybersecurity by generating meaningful alerts with improved accuracy from threat indicators that would otherwise be analyzed by security professionals. aiSIEM/SOC produces actionable intelligence for threat containment and elimination in real-time.


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