AD Security Assessments Services

Is Your Active Directory Safe?


Over the years, Active Directory has become the cornerstone of corporate security. However, the importance of keeping it secure is usually underestimated. Regardless of how well AD services are initially configured, they are constantly evolving systems and their security needs to be constantly updated for maximum protection.

Cyber-attacks always follow a similar pattern. After bypassing the perimeter protection, they target the same infrastructure: Active Directory that holds all access control rights. Apart from Cyber Vandalism, over 95% of cyber-attacks would NOT have be successful without a breach of Active Directory.

There are many solutions designed to prevent or detect perimeter breaches, but if these solutions are defeated, a vulnerable AD is an open highway for hackers to access confidential data, gain control of systems and disrupt operations.

Maintaining a state-of-the-art security for AD is challenging – both technical and process-wise. However, it’s not an INSURMOUNTABLE, hence our proactive, proven, effective, and cost-effective Active Directory Security Assessment Services (ADSAS);

  1. AD Vulnerability Assessments.
  2. AD Permissions and Security Audits.
  3. AD Security Service.
  4. AD Resilience Service.

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