AD Security Assessments Services


Over the years, Microsoft Active Directory has become the cornerstone of corporate security. However, the importance of keeping it secure is usually underestimated. Regardless of how well AD services are initially configured, they are constantly evolving systems and their security needs to be constantly updated for maximum protection.

Cyber-attacks always follow a similar pattern. After bypassing the perimeter protection, they target the same infrastructure: Active Directory that holds all access control rights. Apart from Cyber Vandalism, over 95% of cyber-attacks would NOT have be successful without a breach of Active Directory.

There are many solutions designed to prevent or detect perimeter breaches, but if these solutions are defeated, a vulnerable AD is an open highway for hackers to access confidential data, gain control of systems and disrupt operations.

Maintaining a state-of-the-art security for Active Directory is challenging – both technical and process-wise. However, we’ve designed a  proactive, proven, practical, comprehensive, continuous and cost-effective platform– Active Directory Security Platform (ADSP) to help organizations build a water-tight and military grade cyber defense around their AD Infrastructures.  The ADSP offering comprises of FIVE (5) components as briefly highlighted below.

1. AD Vulnerability Assessments. Attackers exploit misconfigurations and utilize backdoors to compromise your Active Directory. Find them first. Attached AD Access.pdf  and Sample Report.Pdf for details. Additional information here,


  • Discovery of backdoors and hooks
  • Reduced attack surface
  • Continuous monitoring for Dark Corners
  • Risk reduction


2. AD Protection Platform. Control the attacker’s perception autonomously at the endpoint with no agent and identify the Dark Corners the attacker favors. Attached AD Protect.pdf for details. Additional information here,


  • Reduce attack surface, alert fatigue and time to containment.
  • Disrupt attacker reconnaissance.
  • Obtain new threat intelligence
  • Detect credential theft, reconnaissance and lateral movement.
  • Illuminate Dark Corners.
  • Active Directory protection.
  • Automated forensics.
  • Automated Patient Zero containment


3. AD Permissions and Security Audits. Gold Finger completely automates 8 essential Active Directory security, access and effective access audit capabilities, enabling organizations to accomplish in minutes, what today takes months. Attached Top-10 GoldFinger AD Audit report for details. Additional Information here,


  • Exactly who has unrestricted privileged access In AD.
  • Exactly who can control and manage all of the organization’s users account in AD.
  • Exactly who can control and manage all of the organization’s computer accounts in AD.
  • Exactly who can control and manage all of organizations security groups in AD.
  • Exactly who can control and manage the distribution of privileged power with the AD itself.


4. AD Logon Management. UserLock offers features to protect, detect and respond to all user logon,  and logon attempts, on your Windows Active Directory network Additional Resources on UserLock  here ;


  • Limit Concurrent Logins & Initial Access Point
  • Monitor User Logon Logoff
  • Restrict by Session Type
  • Alert & Respond to Logon Events
  • Audit & Report on Logon Events
  • Privileged User Auditing
  • Control & Protect User Logons
  • Restrict by Machine & Device
  • Restrict by Hours


5. AD Resilience Service. Protect your hybrid identity environment from cyberattacks and catastrophes, detect identity breaches and recover from any Active Directory disaster. When a hacker, rogue administrator, or operational error take down Active Directory, a full forest recovery can take days or even weeks. And in the case of ransomware or a wiper attack, the malware can be reintroduced in the process.

But with Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery (ADFR), you can get your business back in business in less than an hour. Attached Semperis datasheet for details. Additional Information here,


  • Automate the entire forest recovery process.
  • Recover to any server – virtual or physical, on-premises or in the cloud
  • Eliminate reinfection during restore
  • Eliminate holes in the audit log
  • Isolate suspicious changes
  • Instantly roll back unwanted changes.


Contact us for an in-depth practical presentation / demo of any of the 5 components that you might be interested in