PRACTICAL CYBERSECURITY: Cybersecurity Management and Awareness Solution For C-Level IT Executives.

I’d like to recommend Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) platform to CIOs, CISOs and Senior IT / Cybersecurity practitioners.

What is Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)?     

Nearly every cybersecurity practitioner is working to implement and improve their implementation of security controls. Compliance requirements are increasingly putting sharper teeth behind the implementation of such controls in an effort to elevate security preparedness, responsiveness, and resilience. 

However, how do enterprise executives know if the security controls that are implemented are doing what they believe they are doing? For many enterprises, they don’t. Malicious actors know this, which is why targeting misconfigured tools and other tactics are considered to be an Achilles heel for cyber-attacks. 

This has given rise to an essential need for Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM).   Gartner defines CCM as a set of technologies that reduces business losses and audit costs through continuous monitoring and auditing of the controls in applications. 

Most organizations implement dozens of securities and related IT tools to protect their business and manage risk. But verifying that those tools are configured correctly, aligned with security frameworks and standards, and performing as expected is extremely difficult and time consuming. 

CCM tools provide comprehensive, real-time visibility into cybersecurity posture. Such tools enable enterprise executives to get ahead of security issues before controls incidents become major security and business incidents. The value and payoff are significant – in terms of risk reduction, productivity gains, and cost avoidance.    

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