Demo Tuesday: Identity Protection

Learn how CrowdStrike identity security improves your tech stack

While companies have embraced more endpoint and multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions in their security architecture, they don’t always see incidents as they happen — especially those involving service accounts and lateral movement. Recent attacks targeting identity and supply chain automation have made it clear that the next level of preparedness and risk mitigation must include reviewing and strengthening identity security tools.

“Defense in depth” means finding the right controls from the endpoint all the way to the domain controller, but most security stacks are missing identity controls beyond an MFA checkbox. In addition, Golden SAML attacks such as those seen in Sunburst show that MFA isn’t a silver bullet, either. Good security requires not only automated responses to threats as they arise, but also deterministic threat detection (i.e., signature matching) and behavior anomaly detection (i.e., user/credential live actions). Our experts will demonstrate CrowdStrike Falcon® identity protection products that achieve both.

Demo 1: Falcon Identity Threat Detection

  • Insights and analytics across your enterprise
  • Seeing live threats and events as they happen — no logs!
  • Threat hunting: can it be the “easy” button?

Demo 2: Falcon Zero Trust

  • Seeing Zero Trust policy challenges against live events
  • Integrating with MFA and SSO to extend the reach of each into legacy and the cloud alike
  • Adding security without making employees miserable

Featured Speakers

Sunday McDickson Samuel – SMS

SMS as he’s affectionately called is an experienced executive manager, he is currently serving as the CEO of the company. He has over 15 years of IT / Cybersecurity senior management experience in the United States, UK and Nigeria, with a proven track record in the successful development and implementation of Cybersecurity solutions for some of the Fortune 500 global organizations.

He also has large interest in improving businesses with technologies with specialty in Cybersecurity.

A strong and effective leader, a doer and thinker capable of matching ability and potential with drive and enthusiasm and operating effectively at all levels.

Able to take on all forms of responsibility and flexible enough to ensure the demands of an ever-changing industry and market place are met with technology.

He is an excellent team leader and team player who effectively operates at all levels