Complimentary Active Directory Risk Review

FREE Active Directory Risk Review Offering.

The ability to detect and stop identity-based attacks is critical to your organization’s security posture — and Active Directory is a good place to start.


The Challenge: Active Directory Oversights.

Organizations may not prioritize AD hygiene because either they’re unaware of the risk or they find it hard to proactively monitor AD accounts with point solutions such as PAM, UEBA, IAM/IGA, SIEM, SOAR, EDR, MFA amongst others.

Now, consider the following statistics.

  • 80% of all breaches (ransomware, supply chain, insider attacks) use compromised identities and can take up to 250 days to identify.
  • 50% of organization experienced an Active Directory (AD) attack in the last two years.
  • 40% of those attacks were successful because adversaries exploited weak AD hygiene.


The Solution: Active Directory Risk Review.

Our FREE Active Directory Risk Review, powered by CrowdStrike, provides nearly instantaneous visibility into the attack surface of their Active Directory and Azure AD environments, a one-hour consultation with our identity expert and actionable recommendations.

What organizations will get from the Active Directory Risk Review.

  • Shutdown security gaps:  Get instant visibility into their AD and Azure AD hygiene and potentially compromised credentials.
  • Light up potential risks:  Receive insights into possible identity-based attack paths that adversaries can exploit with expert advice on how to address them.
  • Get proactive: Understand how to protect their organization from modern identity-based attacks like ransomware, lateral movement, service account misuse and more – before they happen.

READY to get instant visibility into your AD?
SET up a complimentary AD Risk Review and STOP identity-based threats today!

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