Third Party Risk Management


It all starts with a score

We then provide you with the tools and intelligence you need to improve the cyberhealth of your entire ecosystem.

SecurityScorecard enables users to view and continuously monitor security ratings, easily add vendors or partner organizations, and report on the cyberhealth of their ecosystems. The platform automatically generates a recommended action plan for issue remediation in order to achieve a “target” letter grade for customers and their vendor and partner organizations. It also provides access to breach insights and shows a clear record of issues that have impacted scores over time. Additional collaboration tools help enterprises better manage security and ensure continuous compliance with regulatory standards and frameworks.

Understand the Cyberhealth of Your Ecosystem Across 10 Risk Factors

Instant visibility across your entire ecosystem

SecurityScorecard gives you a complete view into the security posture of your entire ecosystem. Its easy-to-use dashboard displays mission-critical information including high-risk vendors, critical and common security issues, and predictive breach insights for your portfolios.

Discover and manage risk posed by your vendors’ vendors

Manage fourth-party risk with Automatic Vendor Detection (AVD™).  AVD uses non-intrusive methods and data sources to reliably detect the third-party vendors your own vendors are using. You can then add these vendors to your portfolio to ensure your IT infrastructure isn’t compromised by a fourth-party.

Understand third-party cybersecurity issues

View individual vendor scorecards and identify third-party cybersecurity issues that put your business at risk. The dashboard displays both an overall security score as well as scores broken down across 10 risk factors. Drill down into specific findings to visualize and understand severity, IP addresses, and much more.

Take control of your security rating and easily boost your score

Score Planner provides full visibility and transparency into how specific security issues impact scores and automatically generates a recommended remediation plan in order to achieve a “target” letter grade. If the recommendations don’t meet your needs, you can run interactive “what if’ scenarios and create a customized action plan using SecurityScorecard’s simple user interface. Also available to all of your vendors and partners, Score Planner changes the game by providing transparent, prescriptive, and actionable advice to you and your third-party communities. Once a plan is generated, you can download it as a CSV for convenient integration with your issue tracking system or GRC platform.