SCADA / ICS / OT Cyber Security


We offers the most advanced industrial security suite empowering organizations to detects attacks, identify threats and implements compliance and change control policies with a unique combination of anomaly detection, policy based rules and device integrity checks.  A trusted industrial security provider, Indegy’s proven solutions are deployed in over 200 deployments worldwide, across a range of industries.

Industrial Cyber Security

Industrial control systems (ICS) are both the backbone and the achilles heel of every industry sector and any nation’s critical infrastructure. They provide essential services that support the foundations of modern society. If compromised, they can cause widespread physical, financial, and environmental damage.

Security Blind Spots

Industrial technologies and ICS networks are typically designed for operational safety and reliability. They are not designed with security in mind, therefore lack visibility and control.

Lack of visibility and control limits your ability to identify critical events, pinpoint the source of the problem, and effectively respond.

Threats to Industrial Environments

Cyber attacks make headlines, but for most organizations, operational continuity is a far greater concern. Disruptions caused by negligence and operational mistakes are just as damaging.

Cyber Attacks
(External Threats)
Targeted attacks
Collateral damage

Malicious Insiders
(Insider Threat)
Disgruntled employees
Compromised IT devices

Human Error
and Negligence
Unintentional mistakes
Insecure contractor equipment on site

A trusted solution provider, Indegy’s Industrial Security Suite is deployed across a range of industries worldwide, including critical infrastructures, utilities, and discrete as well as process manufacturing organizations.

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Water Utilities

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