Enterprise Network Traffic Analysis


Network Traffic Analysis
for a Secure Enterprise


Complete Visibility.
Real-Time Detection.
Guided Investigation.

Rising traffic volumes, hybridization, and increasingly high encryption standards mean one thing for enterprise security teams: they need help. Help finding signal in the noise, and help knowing — quickly and for certain — how to act on that signal.

ExtraHop Reveal(x), Network Traffic Analysis for the hybrid enterprise, provides east-west visibility, integrated threat intelligence, and a powerfully simple workflow that combines detection and investigation into one intuitive platform so you can secure your enterprise with confidence and speed.

Reveal Threats Inside.
No Darkspace.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) uses stream processing to auto-discover and classify every transaction, session, device, and asset in your enterprise at up to 100 Gbps. By decoding and analyzing over 50 enterprise protocols, Reveal(x) extracts more than 4,700 features to train machine learning models and deliver insights with unmatched breadth, accuracy, and focus.

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Automatically detect new, rogue, and unmanaged devices so you always know what’s active in your network

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Comprehensively detect late-stage attack activities using ML-based behavior, rules, and custom triggers


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Assess relevant context and evidence in clicks so any analyst can easily resolve incidents with confidence

Rise Above the Noise

Automated Inventory
Reveal(x) ensures an always up-to-date inventory with no manual effort by auto-discovering and classifying everything on the network.

Peer Group Detections
By automatically categorizing devices into highly specific peer groups, Reveal(x) can spot strange behavior with minimal false positives.

Perfect Forward Secrecy Decryption
Reveal(x) decrypts SSL and TLS 1.3 encryption passively and in real time so you can maintain compliance with full visibility into encrypted threats.

Advanced Machine Learning
With machine learning using 4,700+ features, Reveal(x) detects, prioritizes, and surfaces threats according to your critical assets.

Automated Investigation
Reveal(x) contextualizes detections from an entire transaction with threat intelligence, risk, and asset value for easier triaging and response.

Confident Response Orchestration
Reveal(x) handles detection and investigation while powerful integrations with solutions like Phantom and Palo Alto help you automate remediation.

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