Email Encryption


Secure Delivery

Provide a wide range of secure message delivery options.


  • Only sending sensitive emails using a single delivery method
  • Messages being sent in the clear or not at all


The OneWorld encryption platform offers six different encryption delivery methods to meet any business scenario you may have. Including Secure PDF, Web Portal, TLS and Encrypted Attachments, as well as support for S/MIME and PGP.

All outgoing and incoming emails are processed against encryption rules you create in OneWorld. For example, in addition to simply checking if TLS is available or not, you can further define your encryption delivery actions based on domain or even attachments.

OneWorld ensures that any sensitive email sent, for a wide range of reasons, never goes to a recipient unencrypted.


  • Messages are processed against encryption rules
  • Notification message sent to inbox
  • Create an account
  • Read email and secure attachments