Active Directory Audit Tool Suite

Gold Finger

The world’s most capablevaluable and trustworthy Active Directory Audit Tool Suite.

What  do the following have in common ?

  • Privileged Account Discovery
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Active Directory Security Hardening
  • Least Privileged Access (LPA) Delegation
  • NIST Framework and Regulatory Compliance

Answer:  Correctly Identifying Privileged Access in Active Directory
There’s only 1 audit tool on planet Earth that can correctly identify and audit privileged access in Active Directory – the Microsoft-endorsed Gold Finger.

There is ONE and ONLY ONE way to CORRECTLY audit / identify privileged access in Active Directory, and that involves the accurate determination of effective permissions / effective access on Active Directory objects.What if you could correctly (accurately) and instantly –

  • Automatically audit all privileged users, privileged access and administrative delegations in Active Directory
  • Automatically audit exactly who has what privileged access, where and how across your Active Directory
  • Automatically audit effective permissions and effective privileged access on any Active Directory object
  • Automatically audit who has what security permissions in and across Active Directory domains
  • Automatically audit the complete security state of your Active Directory, and more

With Gold Finger you can. In fact, only Gold Finger is designed by former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security,
endorsed by Microsoft and trusted by the world’s top organizations. It quite simply is the world’s best Active Directory Audit Tool.

The Gold Standard for Active Directory Audit –

Gold Finger completely automates 8 essential Active Directory security, access and effective access audit capabilities, enabling organizations to accomplish in minutes, what today takes months

With Gold Finger, at the touch of a button, organizations can instantly . . .

  1. Audit account states (e.g. active, stale, disabled, locked, expired) and last logon times.
  2. Audit, enumerate and document the complete membership of any domain security group
  3. Audit and calculate Kerberos token-sizes for multiple user accounts in any domain
  4. Audit, view, analyze and export (dump) the ACLs of Active Directory objects
  1. Audit exactly who has what security permissions where in Active Directory
  2. Audit exactly who has what effective permissions on any Active Directory object
  3. Audit exactly who has what effective access on any Active Directory object
  4. Audit all privileged users, access and administrative delegations in Active Directory

In fact, Gold Finger empowers organizations to easily and accurately fulfill all their Active Directory focused cyber security, administrative (privileged) access and regulatory compliance audit needs