Vulnerability Management Program

Based on our VIPDDR CYBERSECURITY FRAMEWORK, an efficient vulnerability management program must have the following components highlighted below.

Note: In-depth explanation including technology demonstration of each of the components are available at your request.

1-   Asset Inventory. You cannot scan assets that you have no visibility into

2-   Vulnerability Assessment. Unifying Internal and Web facing infrastructures,

3-   Vulnerability Intelligence. NOT all hosts and applications are scannable,

4-   Active Directory Security Assessment. The main target of ALL adversaries is the AD,

5-   Application Security Testing. Upgrading DevOps to DevSecOps while consolidating legacy testing tools, i.e. SAST and DAST into IAST and RASP,

6-   Automated Penetration Testing. Once or Twice a year Manual VAPT is no longer efficient. Security has to be agile and comprehensive. Continuous and Comprehensive Internal Penetration Testing with the aid of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence resulting in targeted threat remediation,

7-   Email Security Assessment. Evaluate your email security investments such as firewall, ESGs, anti-spam, sandboxing, etc. using simulation logic to mimic the attack vectors targeting your organization. The results allow you to discover weakness in your technology in a safe environment and take necessary actions proactively before you’re attacked,

8-   Patch Management Solution. Ensure your entire infrastructure is patched, has the right software, and is configured correctly regardless of OS, software, or geographic location,

9- Phishing Simulator. Phishing has become a huge threat to businesses and consumers worldwide, and the number of recorded phishing attacks continues to grow exponentially. It’s predicted that by 2020 phishing will be the number 1 cyber-threat to your organization. Due to the nature of phishing, your colleagues and employees have become the weak link in your Cybersecurity.


Our industry-leading Phishing simulation module allows you to test and quantify that human vulnerability safely and proactively by sending benign phishing attacks to your team, tracking their actions and reporting back to you.

We don’t stop there; our Phishing Simulation module is fully-integrated with our Awareness Educator to automatically place employees who are caught by our phishing simulations onto appropriate e-learning courses to improve their vigilance to genuine phishing attacks,

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