By working with other industry innovators and leaders, we bring more advanced threat, vulnerability and compliance management to the market to better serve business needs. Our technology partnerships augment the broad portfolio of security services SMSAM delivers to help businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk.

GTB Technologies is the only Data Protection / Data Loss Prevention solution (on-premises, off-premises and everywhere in between including the cloud) which can prevent the loss of data from Malware, Frenemies and trusted insiders by blocking sensitive data (structured or unstructured) regardless of file type, port or channel, in real-time with impeccable accuracy thus providing true cyber security and insider threat defense whether it be on premise, off premise, in the cloud or as a managed service.

The world has changed dramatically, and in a very short time. The combination of IoT, BYOD, and cloud has changed our definition of access, and removed the line between work and home. Anything that can be connected will be, and we still expect IT and Security teams to manage and secure everything despite increasing fragmentation. At Axonius, we believe that the solution to fragmentation starts with visibility. Our cybersecurity asset management platform intends to first provide a single point of view into every device.

Contrast solves this complex problem with a bold new secure technology platform that transforms application security by making software self-protecting. Intelligent Contrast agents are injected into the code, instrumenting applications with thousands of smart, agile sensors that detect and correct vulnerabilities before deployment, and protect the software applications in operation. No legacy security tool can protect every application. But a tenacious army of intelligent Contrast sensors can.

We provide solutions that protect thousands of enterprises, service providers and government networks against a new age of cyber-threats. Our game-changing Secure Web Gateway Platform with innovative architecture is backed by over 75 patents and patents pending, and chosen by over 4000 enterprises worldwide to increase their security postures. This has made iboss one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies in the market.

Seceon is singularly focused on enabling organizations to see and stop cyber threats clearly and quickly. Its Open Threat Management (OTM) Platform turns the traditional perimeter-based, multiple tool approach that has been deployed for years on its head. Powered by advanced data collection and analysis, machine learning and patent-pending predictive and behavioral analytics, Seceon’s OTM provides customers with a proverbial security operations center.

Javelin AD|Protect is an agentless, artificial intelligence platform that actively and autonomously monitors, alerts, and stops intruders from penetrating the domain environment. It presents the intruder with a false perception of the internal topology and Active Directory, which masks the real environment and prevent attackers from moving off of that one compromised machine.

At Ixia, we deliver a powerful combination of innovative solutions and trusted insight to support your network and security products, from concept to operation. Whether you are preparing your product for launch, deploying an application, or managing a product in operation, we offer an extensive array of solutions in testing, visibility, and security—all in one place.

InfoExpress provides network security solutions that enhance productivity and security through better visibility, improved security, and automating device and mobile access to the network. Hundreds of security conscious-organizations use InfoExpress products to secure their networks, data and client information.

BGProtect delivers a unique IP hijack prevention service. Our service is based on continuous active and passive monitoring of our customers’ sensitive IP address space.
We inform customers, in real-time, about network security and network performance related incidents, and allow them to investigate and mitigate these incidents from our dashboard.

DataSunrise is an innovative software company dedicated to delivering data security products. Our company was founded by a talented team with strong background in enterprise security, data protection and database management systems.

IRONSCALES has pioneered an advanced anti-phishing threat protection platform combining human and machine intelligence to automatically analyze, detect and remove malicious emails before and after they land in the inbox using a multi-layered and automated approach.

With solutions for user access control, file auditing, server and desktop reporting, and remote installations, IS Decisions combines the powerful security today’s business world mandates with the innovative simplicity the modern user expects.

With Seclore, organizations can protect any type of file, and use protected files on the widest range of devices within their native applications. Seclore is also the only solution on the market to provide a completely browser-based solution: Users and administrators can protect documents, work on protected files, and administer policies from their browser.

Reblaze provides proprietary security technologies in a single, unified platform, shielding your assets from the myriad of threats found on the Internet. A ‘Reblazed’ site inhabits its own private, secure cloud on the Internet, fully accessible to legitimate traffic but invisible to assailants.

Safe-T® protects and secures your data and puts you in complete control of who sees the data and how the data is accessed and exchanged. We make your data completely invisible to the outside and inside world, and only available to the right people, while transparently removing the element of human error and threats.

At One Identity, our job — our mission — is to help you succeed in yours. That’s why we offer a comprehensive family of identity and access management (IAM) solutions designed to solve today’s challenges, and address tomorrow’s as they arise. We help you get identity and access management right.

A group of defense and intelligence experts saw savvy attackers compromising endpoints seemingly at will. Traditional approaches failed to provide sufficient protection. They founded SentinelOne to develop a dramatic new approach to endpoint protection. It’s one that applies AI and machine learning to thwart known and unknown threats.

ExtraHop is a stream analytics platform that provides the fastest, richest, most complete visibility into all activity in your IT infrastructure. The ExtraHop platform turns unstructured network data into structured wire data, and runs real-time analytics on it, so you get critical information the instant you need it.

The Indegy team combines a unique mix of cyber-security expertise with hands-on industrial control knowledge. Our leadership team and the core of our R&D team consist of veterans of the IDF elite cyber security units. Together we bring decades of real-world experience spanning a wide range of industrial sectors and technologies. This is the foundation on which Indegy builds its innovative technologies and delivers cutting-edge solutions for industrial cyber security.

Developed in 2012, DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance – RFC 7489) is an email authentication protocol that gives insight into how email is delivered. DMARC gives email senders the ability to not only receive feedback about how receivers treat their email, but also the ability to inform receivers to reject illegitimate messages. DMARC is helping organizations of every size ensure reliability and prevent phishing and domain spoofing.

Silverfort protects enterprises from data breaches, cyber attacks and insider threats, by preventing credential compromise and misuse across the entire corporate network and cloud infrastructure. Silverfort leverages patent-pending technology to seamlessly harden the basic authentication and access mechanisms used by all client devices and services, instantly equipping them with the latest authentication and access protection technology without any change or integration.

Our encryption experts keep an intense and unflinching focus on encryption. We predict and aggressively respond to every change: the tech crash, the financial crisis, regulatory upheavals, the birth of social media, a newly mobile workforce, sophisticated cyber-attacks and all the uncertainty of our modern world. Why? So you don’t have to.

IntSights’ ground-breaking data-mining algorithms and unique machine learning capabilities continuously monitor an enterprise’s’ external digital profile across the surface, deep and dark web, categorize and analyze tens of thousands of threats, and automate the risk remediation lifecycle — streamlining workflows, maximizing resources and securing business operations.

With that vision in mind, Avanan cloudified the security tools of the industry’s leading vendors and built a platform that could connect these tools to the most widely used enterprise SaaS applications. With everything virtualized, installing these tools on any SaaS is now as easy as installing an app on a phone.

Suffering from a phishing, malware or ransomware attack can be catastrophic, stressful, financially burdensome and damaging to brand reputation. Keepnet Labs has developed a suite of cyber-security awareness and defence products that provide a holistic approach to people, processes and technology in order to reduce risk.

Your company’s move to the cloud delivers flexibility and cost savings, but that doesn’t mean you should lose control of your data. Bitglass’ Next-Gen Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)solution enables your enterprise to embrace the cloud while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance. Bitglass secures your data across any cloud app and any device.

YazamTech is an innovator of a comprehensive cyber security range of next-generation Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) Solutions to prevent infected file streams from entering the network, either by blocking the infected file streams, or by actively disarming their content and reconstructing them securely prior to entering the network.

Arbor Networks secures the world’s most demanding and complex networks from DDoS attacks and advanced threats. Arbor Networks customers gain a micro view of their own network, through our suite of products, combined with a macro view of global Internet traffic and emerging threats, through our ATLAS threat intelligence infrastructure. See, understand and solve more security threats with Arbor Networks.

Cynet’s radical approach simplifies and converges cyber defense so organizations can quickly and easily handle cyber-attacks and keep focus on what they do best – their business. The Cynet platform defends organizations with the cloud-generation in cybersecurity – giving them the ability to instantly identify, block and respond to all types of attacks without the heavy burden of deep cyber expertise, the overhead of multiple products and the complexity of managing a fast-evolving threatscape.

Paramount Defenses is a privately-held innovative cyber security company engaged in the development of tactical and strategic cyber security defenses that address paramount global cyber security needs. Today it uniquely helps secure and defend the world’s most important organizations in six continents worldwide, and is one of the world’s top cyber security companies.