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Our Mission is to STOP BREACHES at every institutions and organizations where our services are implemented!

About Us

SMSAM SYSTEM LTD is a PAN African disruptive Cyber Security Consulting firm, driven with an intense patriotism and passion to secure ALL of Africa’s IT assets by STOPPING BREACHES at every institutions and organizations across the continent. While we’re NOT claiming to have the ability to prevent ALL compromises or intrusions at your infrastructures (physical or cloud), we’re making a bold, assertive and ambitious claim to STOP BREACHES on your infrastructures- True Story!

It’s expedient to state what we believe– Only Africans can TRULY secure Africa in all of its ramifications, Cyber Security related issues inclusive. We have an idea how to achieve this and that’s what we do at SMSAM SYSTEMS.

Most institution’s Cyber Security defenses are only focused on stopping Malware and its many variants, while that’s not an entirely bad idea, it behooves on such institutions and organizations to develop a robust methodology embedded in a burden-free framework that is evolving, scalable, and seamless with no additional operational burden and chaos to the existing subdued Security and IT Operations team. Making your infrastructures a breach proof entity should NOT be a Science Project that require a ‘PhD’ in cyber security operations to administer or manage!



Sunday McDickson Samuel – SMS

SMS as he’s affectionately called is an experienced executive manager, he is currently serving as the CEO of the company. He has over 15 years of IT / Cybersecurity senior management experience in the United States, UK and Nigeria, with a proven track record in the successful development and implementation of Cybersecurity solutions for some of the Fortune 500 global organizations.

He also has large interest in improving businesses with technologies with specialty in Cybersecurity.

A strong and effective leader, a doer and thinker capable of matching ability and potential with drive and enthusiasm and operating effectively at all levels.

Able to take on all forms of responsibility and flexible enough to ensure the demands of an ever-changing industry and market place are met with technology.

He is an excellent team leader and team player who effectively operates at all levels

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Work With Us

SMSAM Systems  is a leading Cyber Security Systems Integrator and the Trusted Security Partner for many of Africa’s largest financial services companies and businesses, you work for an innovative developer of intelligence-led security solutions.

We are looking for smart, motivated, qualified individuals to help us continue our history of leadership innovation, meet our aggressive goals and serve our customers. If you think you would be a great member of our team, browse through our current openings and send us your resume.

The SMSAM team is comprised of internet trailblazers, technical innovators and experienced business professionals. Our value system is founded on these five principles:

  1. Innovation: We pioneered the intelligence-led approach to security, and are committed to continuous innovation.
  2. Safety: We are dedicated to making the Internet safe for consumers, businesses, and corporations globally.
  3. Service: We value serving our customers at the highest level to preserve their reputation, revenue, and customer confidence.
  4. Excellence: We have a mindset of excellence in our execution and delivery.
  5. Integrity: We are accountable to each other, our customers, and our partners for doing what we say we will do.