Email Security

Protect against inbound attacks and secure sensitive outbound data leaving your organization. Our extensible next-generation platform gives you clear visibility into all email communication. And our search and reporting capabilities help you to identify and prioritize security incidents.

Protect against business email compromise (BEC)

Our dynamic impostor email classifier helps protect everyone from global enterprises to small and medium businesses from business email compromise (BEC). The classifier accurately identifies and prevents impostor email threats before they affect your people, data, and brand. It won’t encumber your staff by requiring them to maintain static lists such as users, domains, and email content. With the dynamic classifier, you can create dynamic policies that change as quickly as threat tactics do.

Stop targeted attacks

Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps detect, mitigate, and resolve advanced threats that target people through email. We detect known threats and new, never-before-seen attacks that use malicious attachments and URLs. No other security technology is better at stopping targeted attacks that use polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, and credential-stealing phishing techniques to access sensitive information.

Create and enforce data security policy

Get simple outbound information protection with granular control. Our solutions integrate key elements of data loss prevention (DLP) and encryption to help you enforce policy easily and transparently. Using a combination of smart identifiers and managed dictionaries, you can construct policies to comply with data protection regulations. Meet PCI, HIPAA and other requirements based on industry or geography. And set policies to automatically block or encrypt the communication to keep your data secure.