Cloud Access Security Broker

Granular Aloud Access Control

Your users access cloud services from everywhere and across all device types to get their jobs done. When they’re on the corporate network with corporate devices, cloud usage is often less risky than when they’re remote, on an unsecured Wi-Fi network, and on a personal device that may be compromised. Without access control software, allowing users unfettered access to cloud services can expose your organization to cloud threats, and those threats are amplified when your sensitive data is involved. If you don’t enable secure cloud access, you may introduce risk into your organization. This includes users on BYO devices downloading and sharing sensitive information. Their devices may be compromised, they may be a victim of malware, or they may be accessing your data via unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Netskope addresses these risks by enabling you to set conditional, granular policies that dictate employee access to both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services based on contextual data such as user, group, device type, ownership, status, or classification, network or geolocation, and more.

Conditional cloud access control based on context

Control access based on location, device, and more

Top Use Cases

Least Privileges

Ensure admin privileges across all services with role-based access controls and gain visibility and control over ecosystem services connected to sanctioned services that are used by employees.

Trusted Access

Ensure only trusted devices access your corporate services and data. For example, set a policy that allows full access to Office 365 webmail from corporate devices while giving read-only permissions to BYOD or unmanaged devices.


Selectively grant access or govern activities based on context. With Netskope you can do things like prevent sensitive data from being downloaded onto personal devices or restrict access to a service if an employee is on an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

What makes Netskope different?

  Advanced, enterprise DLP
With Netskope, you have comprehensive cloud DLP that covers all cloud traffic, from mobile apps, sync clients, and native apps to off-premises devices, allowing you to inspect all traffic for potential DLP violations.


 Architected for any use case
Netskope is architected to cover all cloud security use cases in a comprehensive manner. Flexibility starts with the option of being deployed as a 100 percent cloud service, as an on- premises appliance, or in a hybrid manner that includes both.


  Granular policies for all services
Netskope sees and decodes all cloud traffic, not just sanctioned browser traffic like most CASBs. Our patented, all-mode architecture gives you visibility and control over sanctioned and unsanctioned services whether users are on a web browser, mobile app, or sync client.


 Advanced threat protection
Netskope is the only CASB with comprehensive, advanced threat protection for cloud services, combining a unique cloud vantage point with multi-layered threat detection and remediation capabilities.


  Netskope Context Engine
Using patented technology, the  Netskope Context Engine enables you to see real-time cloud activity details in context. This includes users, devices, locations, dates, times, content, and of course, activities such as “share,” “approve,” “edit,” “download,” “send,” “post,” “upload,” and more across any service, service instance, or service category.


  Cloud-scale architecture
The Netskope cloud-scale security platform enables you to implement our cloud security service throughout your global environment without impacting user experience, irrespective of whether you have hundreds or hundreds of thousands of users.


  Technology integrations
Leverage your existing investment in technologies such as firewalls and proxies, on-premises DLP, SIEM, IAM, MDM, data classification, endpoint protection, sandboxing, and more to enable a comprehensive cloud security solution.