Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

The goal of the SMSAM THREAT AND VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT – STAVA is unique in the “assessment” arena. Many assessments aim to provide you with a level of compliance or recommendations required to pass your next audit, but STAVA actually helps you prepare for the biggest risk facing organizations right now: the threat of a targeted attack. The STAVA Services team assesses your organization’s cybersecurity environment covering Endpoints, Networks and Applications strata to identify the weak points that adversaries, hacktivists and cyber criminals will utilize to compromise your environment.  As earlier defined in our CSDPS, Enterprises must secure POST IT INFRASTRUCTURES (Infrastructures that drives your business but you’ve no security control over, i.e. Email, Social Media and Mobile Apps) and IT Infrastructure (your data center).  90% or more of the cyber threats we deal with as cyber security professionals comes through POST IT INFRASTRUCTURE, i.e. email

The STAVA service is ABSOLUTELY FREE and typically takes between 4-8weeks to complete from start to finish. The assessment is UNOBSTRUCTIVE and we’ll provide you with nifty reports that helps you focus energy of preventing breaches rather than just stopping malwares.

STAVA Architecture

Email Threat Discover Assessment

Schedule a meeting today with our Cybersecurity experts to uncover the advanced threat risk exposure of your organization, including malicious URLs and attachments. The Email Threat Discover is EASY to set up and UNOBTRUSIVE to your network. You will get an audit outlining the state of your current security defense vulnerabilities.

As the #1 threat vector, email is the preferred way for many threat actors to target and gain footholds in an organization. Security professionals therefore need a quick and easy way to gain visibility into threats within their email network. Our Threat Discover for Email quickly and simply provides this visibility.

Our Threat Discover for Email is a complimentary threat assessment tool that identifies malicious URLs and attachments residing in Exchange on-premises or Exchange Online (O365).

With our Threat Discover for Email, you can complete a full evaluation of existing email threats within a few days, with tool setup taking less than an hour.

Data Threat Discover Assessment

Few organizations have the visibility they need to protect their sensitive data. Our Data Discover simplifies and automates PCI, PII and PHI discovery. Understand where and how data is being used. Identify sensitive data that’s exposed. Resolve compliance breaches in real time.

Benefits and Features

Find and Fix Compliance Issues

Data Discover provides dependable and automated content analysis. Track information across your network, including file shares, SAN and NAS storage, and SharePoint sites. Automatically identify sensitive data most at risk to exposure, such as PII, PHI and PHI. Remediate compliance breaches in real time; quarantine, delete, or revoke access to exposed data.

Find Sensitive Data

Sensitive data is sprawled across the enterprise. In most cases, you have limited visibility into where it’s stored and who has access to it. This data presents alarming risk ranging from breaches—from insiders and outsiders alike—to compliance violations.

Find your sensitive data with Data Discover. The tool takes a minute to install, runs automatically, and gives you an overview of where your sensitive data lives.

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