About Us

SMSAM SYSTEM LTD is a PAN African disruptive Cyber Security Consulting firm, driven with an intense passion to secure ALL of Africa’s IT assets by STOPPING BREACHES in every institutions and organizations across the continent. While we’re NOT claiming to prevent ALL compromises or infiltration headed for your infrastructures (physical or cloud), we’re making a bold, assertive and ambitious claim to STOP BREACHES on your infrastructure- True Story!

It’s expedient to state what we believe– Only Africans can truly secure Africa in all of its ramifications, cyber security related issues inclusive-Believe!


Most institution’s cyber security defenses are only focused on stopping Malware and its variants, while that’s not an entirely bad idea, it behooves on such institutions to develop a robust architectural framework that is evolving, scalable, and seamless with no additional operational burden to the existing subdued Security and IT Operations team, and which does no require a ‘PhD’ in security operations to administer.  Such architectural framework is needed to safely neutralize the effect of cyber adversaries, threat actors regardless of their threat delivery vectors or modus operandi. This is what we do at SMSAM SYSTEMS.